We had always wanted to do a bear hunt with our bows and were lucky enough to be able to book a hunt with Chris last May. We didn’t know what to expect for our first bear hunt so we were both very pleased and happy when we both got our first bears with the bow. The cabin accommodations were very comfortable, we had topnotch tree stands and bait sites for bow hunting. We enjoyed having the opportunity to have Chris as a guide on our hunt as he is very experienced and we highly recommend him. We enjoyed our experience so much that we booked again for the following year! Thank you Chris for all that you did and can’t wait till next spring.

Dan & Barb Helm, ND

I have hunted bear with Chris the last four years. In that time I have taken two trophy animals. Each time I have hunted with Eastman Outfitting, I have had the opportunity to take a bear, almost every day I have been in the stand. Chris and his crew are very knowledgable about bear behaviour and have numerous baits and stands to give you the best chance of harvesting a animal. The accommodations are very comfortable and well equipped. In conclusion they are a hard working and conscientious guide service that will do their best to see you are successful and I would highly recommend them for a successful hunt.

Larry Nieters, ND

I have always had an archery bear hunt on my bucket list. I am happy to say I was invited to East man Outfitting and I have hunted 2 years with Chris. I’ve taken two bears, my 2015 bear is a Pope and young. The camp is great, the guys are even better and if you wanna have a chance at a big Manitoba bear, Eastman Outfitting is the camp for you. Thanks for the memories Chris.

Rod Matzke, ND

Chris, I believe that this springs bear hunt was the seventh time I have booked a hunt with you. About the time I think things couldn’t get any better you and Matts hard work and dedication presented the opportunity to take a trophy bear like I have never seen before. I will not use the phrase of a lifetime because I hope to return again and take an even larger bear. I realize topping the 650 lb bruin will not be easy but I believe there is a bigger bear after seeing trail cam photos. I have been bow hunting for 40 years and appreciate when someone shares the passion of the sport as much as I do. I would like to thank you and Matt again,and say I am looking forward to this falls trophy whitetail hunt and opportunity for more great memories. I see you have my photo with the bear I took on your website, like they say a picture is worth 1000 words.

Your friend and fellow bow hunter Derwin Mann Bismarck, ND

“Well Chris WE did it again. I have taken my largest…………and probably my oldest whitetail buck to date. I spent two hours of a six day hunt on stand before I was sending a text to you. ‘Just arrowed a dandy!’ I know it was short but when opportunity knocks………I ANSWER THE DOOR!!!! Pretty cool! I want to thank you again for another awesome hunt. You once again set us up sweet. We took three bucks out of five and everyone had opportunities. What more could a bunch of Nodak bow hunters ask for? In that two hours I saw three big bucks and arrowed one of them. Again thank you and we will see this spring at the end of May for bear camp”

Doug Baumiller, ND

My first Canadian bear hunt in the spring of 2013 was nothing short of what I expected thanks to Chris, his family, and friends! Everything from the cabin and accommodations to the hunt itself was another amazing adventure that I got to cross off my bucket list, but now that I’ve done it, I can’t wait to do it again! Taking my first black bear with a bow in your camp was an awesome experience, thanks for making it one to remember!

Todd Tescher, ND

“This past spring, my son and I went on a hunt with Chris and Harry. This was my first bear hunt and my son’s first big game hunt. From the time we arrived to the time we left, Chris really took care of us. He set us up with a morning fishing trip that resulted in a couple of master angler fish for both of us and made sure we saw bears. Although, through my own fault I didn’t bring home my trophy, my son did. Since I was still hunting when Christian killed his bear, Harry our guide made sure he took plenty of pictures and celebrated with the young man, like any friend/father would do. This was a first rate hunt and these guys really wanted us to kill a bear, I would go back in a heart beat.”

Bill Loges, NE.

“I went black bear hunting with several good friends last May(2012). I did not get a bear. Barely! I had an enjoyable time. Chris, his family and friends, all pitched in to make for a memorable trip. Although,I did not tag a bear, our group was 3 for 5. I hunted with a .32 Winchester Special..others with bow and muzzle loader. East-man Outfitting makes it all possible. Great guide ethic..hard work..great enthusiasm. I have hunted for over 40 years in various places, and I am going back,to hunt with Chris Stasiuk. I had the chance of a lifetime..and missed my shot. I am ready to go back!! Thanks Chris.”

Jeff Simon, N.D.

“Chris, I want to let you know what a great time we all had hunting with you in October 0f 2011. Your accommodations were great, the hunting was wonderful, and you really worked hard everyday to make sure we had plenty of birds. A real plus for your Eastman Outfitting, is that your lodge is within 45 minutes of the Winnipeg Airport and your hunting locations were all close to your lodge so none of the hunts required more than 20 minutes from lodge to layout blind. Thanks so much for a great experience and we all plan to come back and hunt with you again.”

Jack Parker, GA

‘The first couple of days were a little disappointing because we limited out in seventeen minutes and the second day in thirty. We finally smartened up and started picking our shots and enjoyed filming each other drop birds. It is great to be able to tell a story about the honking of the geese being deafening as they flew all over us and then have the pictures and video to back it up. Chris put us on birds every day even when other outfitters were having trouble. This says a lot for his dedication to the customer. From the time Chris picked us up at the airport until he dropped us off five days later we had fun. He customized the hunt for us. We goose hunted the fields every morning and duck hunted in the marsh or fished every evening. We killed 147 birds and had one of the best times of our lives. The accommodations included nice bedrooms, full kitchen, full bath room, and a living area with satellite television. Chris and his family made us feel right at home. We never wanted for anything and couldn’t ask for more. This trip was money well spent and I will be back again and again. Thanks Chris!”

LCDR Shawn Pyle, WA

“Three hundred square miles and over seven thousand private acres to bowhunt in an area that hasn’t had a high power rifle in it since the early seventies, I had to check this out were my thoughts before I booked a hunt with Chris. What a fun challenging bowhunt!! Chris made sure my hunting partner and I were in the right areas for the wind and most deer activity. What really impressed me was how Chris paid attention to detail and made me a part of the hunt and not just a client. He respects you like another dedicated bowhunter and works his tail off to give you the best opportunity he can. As my hunting partner and I hunted, Chris was doing his homework and scouting the areas that we would be hunting the next day as he already had an idea on what kind of wind we were going to hunt. Chris also checked in with us several times a day via text messaging to see what the deer activity was like and if the wind was still right for the particular stand we were hunting. It was nice to have his encouragement when sitting all day on stand which my hunting partner and I chose as the rut was in full swing. The stands were comfortable and at the perfect height for the all day sit. Stands were easy to find in the dark as they were bright eye tacked all the way in and out. Just like Chris would say ‘Stevey Wonder could find them’. Although I did not kill a whitetail buck, it was not do to lack of effort. Chris did his part and I hate to say it but I missed. I reflect back on that morning and can only smile as that big Canadian Swamp Buck beat me that day. The ‘Ice Breaker’ buck. I can’t wait to see you at the end of October in 2011 Chris and hunt again”.

Doug Baumiller, ND.

‘2010 was our first year going to East-Man Outfitting for a guided waterfowl hunt. After attending a few other Manitoba waterfowl outfits, East-man is now our preferred choice. Chris and his staff were very accommodating, and took care of our group-putting us on good birds daily. As soon as we arrived to the cabin, we knew that Chris was very passionate about making our hunt a successful one. While we were hunting Chris and his guides were out scouting for the following days hunt. We had no problems limiting out on Geese, and the evening marsh hunts for ducks was very memorable for us. If you haven’t been on a marsh hunt, it is highly recommended. We have booked our trip for next fall and hope to continue waterfowling with East-Man for many more years.”

John-Fort Frances, ON

“My experience with East-man Outfitting was everything I had hoped for and more. I have been an avid bow hunter for 9 years, hunting mostly whitetail. This spring I decided to join East-man Outfitting on a black bear hunt with my bow, what an experience! I was fortunate enough to see several different bears while on my hunt, including a sow and 3 cubs. I was even fortunate enough to harvest a mature black bear! It was very obvious to me that Chris and Harry had logged many, many hours preparing for my hunt long before I arrived. I am very happy with the service, accommodations, and experience that I had with East-man Outfitting, and look forward to doing it all again.”

Travis Hanson, Mn.

“Chris at East-man Outfitting offers a great Bear Hunt and comfortable accommodations that make you feel right at home. Chris understands the habits of bears and how to hunt them successfully. I look forward to going back and bowhunting whitetail in the fall. Thanks for the great hunt Chris!”

Troy Midas, Mn

“Chris and his staff at East-Man Outfitting really know how to put on a hunt. From the comfortable accommodations, to the top shelf trophies in the field, East-Man Outfitting really has it all. You are going to hunt hard, see lots of animals and have fun along the way. I can’t wait to go back, thanks Chris.”

Ben Johnson, Mn.

“I’ve hunted in many states and 3 provinces in Canada. The best all-around outfitter that I have hunted with is East-Man Outfitting. Accommodations are modest, yet very clean & very comfortable. The food is excellent & the guides are cheerful. They know the area and the habits of the deer. The outfitter, who guides as well, is an extraordinary, generous, talented, dedicated bowhunter. He scouts all year round & continually looks for new active areas while you are on stand. I can’t say enough about East-Man Outfitting. If you wish to contact me about any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate”.

Ed Antonacci, NJ

“I had a great time at East-Man Outfitting! I was amazed at the dedication that Chris puts in to the hunt. There was definitely year round preparation put into the fall. If anyone is looking for a low-pressure bow-only zone, Chris is the guy to call.”

Mitch Hagen, Mn.

“Chris Stasiuk was one of the most prepared guides I have worked with. He was truly prepared for all different hunting scenarios and had several options on the land and stands to hunt based on wind, activity, etc. My success was his only concern. He and his family also made me feel right at home. I would hunt with Chris again and look forward to making the trip. It was an absolutely positive experience.”

John Walczak, Mn.

“East-Man Outfitting offers a great hunt from beginning to end. With so many quality stand locations, Chris was always ready for whatever the weather threw at us. Combine that with the low hunting pressure and quality deer in the area makes a great hunt. With a quality hunt and great accommodations, this is a trip I look forward to going on for years to come.”

Ryan Hubbard, Mn.

“I have rifle and bow hunted in Pennsylvania since 1959 and have a sense of what is right for a hunt. Even though I did not harvest an animal, Chris knows what is needed to give you a chance to bag one. Chris’ accommodations are good, food is great and he is a hard working, knowledgeable outfitter. I would return to his camp again to deer hunt.”

Robert Lindquist, Pa.