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Here at East-Man Outfitting, you can choose from a few different hunt packages. We offer a 6-day inclusive package. All accommodations, license and allocation fees, local transportation, field dressing and guide fees are included. We can also custom build a hunt for you. 3-6 days, with or without meals are also available. This works well for the hunter that just can’t get away for as long as he or she would like. Our cabin has a fully equipped kitchen to prepare your own meals for a “do-it-yourself approach”.


We are the ONLY outfitter in an almost 300 square mile BOW-ONLY ZONE. You do not have to apply for a license, I have an allocation with 16 non-resident tags ( ie; I supply the tag). We have dozens of stand sites, both quality ladders and hangers set on over 16 000 acres of private and crown land. Our GHA is the only true BOW-ONLY ZONE in Manitoba, which has been that way for over 40 years. The area is also closed to resident gun hunting. No gun hunting means low pressure which makes it a great place to harvest a trophy deer with a bow. With only 3000 archery deer tags sold in the entire province each year, your chances of seeing another hunter are slim.


Our season runs from the last Monday in August until the first Sunday of  December. Our preference is to have you in the woods from the latter part of October through the first couple weeks of November. Our rut peaks around November 9th-14th. Early season also holds great opportunity for a velvet buck in late August to through the first week of September.


Whatever time in the fall you choose, we have you covered. You can make sure your bows are as on as when you left home with our 3-D archery range complete with elevated stands.


Call Chris for prices on a custom built hunt.

What to Expect on Your Deer Hunt:

  • Airport pick-up upon arrival
  • Linens and towels provided
  • Sitting from 1 hour before sunrise until mid-morning and again from mid-afternoon till 1/2 hour after sunset on early season hunts
  • Sitting from 1 hr before sunrise until 1/2 hr after sunset on late October and November hunts (we kill most of our bucks between 10 and 2)
  • Making cell (texting) or radio contact twice daily (radios supplied by outfitter)
  • Large hang-on stands are hung 15-25 feet c/w tree steps or climbing sticks
  • Ladder stands are 15 or 20 feet
  • Shooting and being comfortable from 15 to 25 feet
  • Shooting from sitting or standing position
  • Anywhere from 1/4 to 3/4 mile walk following bright eye trail-markers to stand locations
  • Wait for guide before trailing hit animal
  • Dealing with adverse weather conditions
  • All stands are equipped with seat cushions, rope pulls and accessory hangers


What to Bring on Your Deer Hunt:

  • Daypack
  • House shoes or slippers
  • Cell phone
  • Waterproof footwear
  • Insulated boot covers
  • Hand muff
  • Disposable hand warmers
  • Personal harness (if you don’t want to use the ones supplied)
  • Bow hanger
  • Grunt tube, doe bleat, rattle horns or rattle bag
  • Light coloured camo or cover up as most of our stands are in poplar trees, real-tree hardwoods snow or mossy oak tree stand or similar work well
  • Camo rainwear (depending when you hunt)
  • Scent eliminator spray
  • Lure and cover scent
  • Camera
  • Range finder
  • Compact binoculars
  • Thermacell (early season)
  • Flashlight/ headlamp or both
  • Medications / toiletries
  • Thermos
  • Cold beer, liquor and tobacco available near-by